Bring your story to LIFE

We take your photographs and create the most luxurious bespoke coffee table book designed especially for you

Bring your story to LIFE

We take your photographs and create the most luxurious bespoke coffee table book designed especially for you

Close your eyes and imagine holding the most beautiful and personal coffee-table book you’ve ever seen. Beautifully designed from cover to cover, with the finest materials, crafted by the hands of the most experienced traditional bookbinders in the world.

Inside lies a story

It might be a love story, a wedding, an anniversary, an adventure of a lifetime, your child’s first year, the life of a loved one, a forever home renovation or a celebration of a life well lived. With the turn of each page, your senses are awakened, immersing you in the energy and essence of every moment.

Now, imagine it's YOUR story!

A story so precious and significant to you that it deserves to be immortalized and bound in the pages of time. A legacy to be treasured, revisited, enjoyed, shared, loved, and passed down through generations to come.

How would that make you feel?

We take thousands of photographs only to bury them deep in the digital depths, fleetingly enjoyed and quickly forgotten.

Our stories define who we are.

They deserve to be remembered forever.

I’m just looking through the first draft of our copy of LIFE. Thank you so much, it is BEAUTIFUL! I am only half way through and in floods of happy tears. It really is so magical seeing the gorgeous images pulled together to tell the story so perfectly of one of the most special days of our lives. I don’t think I can ever thank you both enough!

SOPHIE & LUKAS – Wedding book, UK

Every book is bespoke

Click on a book to look inside.

(Best experienced with sound turned on!)

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A Cotswold Wedding

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An African Adventure

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Love in Capri

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A Country house Wedding

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A Luxury Hotel Wedding

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The First Years

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An English Summer Wedding

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A Halloween Wedding

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A Country Home Wedding

Pippa Mackenzie

Our Story

Hi! We’re Pippa and Ian. A husband-wife team of photographers and designers driven by a shared love for rich storytelling and elegant design.

In our home, beautiful books line the shelves. We’ve always been inspired by well designed books that tell great stories. It was during the planning of our wedding that Pippa fell in love with the Vera Wang on Weddings book. It was this book that went on to inspire us to create LIFE.

Our family, experiences and connections are incredibly important to us, and we feel passionate about keeping our stories alive. Not to be lost and forgotten in the cloud or on a hard drive, but to be cherished and enjoyed forever in a book that can be held and shared with others, time and time again. 

We felt there was a gap in the market for a truly luxurious and beautifully designed wedding coffee-table book. And that’s why we created LIFE.

We feel passionate about stories and LIFE is the perfect way to tell and preserve your most special memories and life chapters. 

We’ve now created over 300 different copies of LIFE for our own wedding and event clients. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the love we’ve received over the years that we’ve opened up the LIFE design service to anyone who has a story they want to tell.

Hand crafted

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LIFE is a piece of art rather than just a photo album or coffee table book. Your copy of LIFE is designed just for you by Ian, a highly skilled and experienced graphic designer. We can include any element of your life chapter, adventure or celebration so your book tells the whole story. Each book is put together by masters in the arts of printing and bookbinding, using techniques that go back generations. So much love and care goes in to making each copy of LIFE because we know it’s going to be the most cherished heirloom, that you will pass down through the generations.

Made by master book makers

So why choose LIFE?

1. We take away the overwhelm

We understand how overwhelming it can be to select photos from such a large collection. You’re faced with lack of time and simply not knowing where to begin. It may be that your photos are all in different places. That you have an emotional attachment to each photo. Where do you start? How do you choose? Don’t worry, we hold your hand through the entire process. We can either help you select the best photos for your story, or you can simply send everything and we can curate the collection for you.

2. A totally bespoke service

The is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach. You are in the hands of experts. We don’t use templates. Each book is totally unique and professionally designed especially for you.

3. The world's most luxurious scrapbook

LIFE is so much more than simply a book of photographs. Imagine the most luxurious scrapbook holding all your precious memories. As well as your photos, these could be invitations, menus, song lyrics, illustrations, speeches, personal letters, boarding passes/tickets, travel itineraries, drawings, favourite recipes, quotes – anything that is unique to your story.

4. An expert team

Your copy of LIFE will be printed and made by a team of the finest bookbinders in the world. They are masters in their craft. Your book is put together by a handmade process perfected over generations and we personally follow the production from start to finish, ensuring that your copy of LIFE will be quite simply perfect.

5. The very best materials

Every copy of LIFE is made using the very best archival paper and materials, ensuring that your book will last for generations.

6. The sky’s the limit!

We can do anything in the world of book production. If you have a special request, don’t be afraid to ask. It may be an unusual leather for your cover, a fabric swatch included as an insert, a pocket to hold a cherished love letter or a special display case made from a rare wood.

Whatever your heart desires, we can create the book of your dreams!

LIFE is the ultimate bespoke luxury heirloom. No other book tells such a complete story.

I wanted to email to say how grateful I am for the book you have put together for my 18th birthday! It’s amazing how I recognize every single photo, and how you have compiled it so beautifully.

Millie – Life chapter book – First 18 years

Our promise to you is that your copy of LIFE will be the most precious heirloom, a testament to your stories, ensuring that you can pass them down through generations, so they will never be forgotten.

We are completely in love with our copy of LIFE!! I cannot tell you how many times we have looked at it. You captured every special moment of our wedding day and it bring us back to that day.

Ana & Jonny – Wedding book, UK

So how do you create your very own copy of LIFE?

Everyone has a story to bring to LIFE.

What’s yours?

“Where there is love, there is LIFE”

Mahatma Gandhi